Welcome to Fancricket11
  • What is Fancricket11?

    Think you can tell which players will perform well in a cricket match? Fancricket11 is the place for you!
    On Fancricket11, you can create your fantasy cricket team for a real-life match and compete with other players for big prizes. Remember, there are cash prizes for every match, so you create your fantasy teams and win real money every day.

  • How do I play on Fancricket11?

    The players need to follow these simple steps:

    1. Register/Login to Fancricket11

    2. Select the match you want to join.

    3. Create your team of 11 players within an allocated virtual budget of 100 credit points choosing from all the players in the match.

    4. Join free or cash contests of your choice.

  • How do I create my cricket team?

    You can create a new cricket team under the ‘create team’ section. Then set your team of 11 players. Your team must consist of a combination of wicket-keeper/s (1-4), batsmen (3-6), bowlers (3-6), and all-rounder/s (1-4).

  • What is the maximum budget that I get to create my cricket team?

    Credit points are allowed against every player. Inside 100 credit points, you need to choose 11 players.

  • Is it safe to add money to fancricket11?

    Adding money to your Fancricket11 account is both simple and safe. We have many different payment options enabled on fancricket11 and work hard to ensure that your personal details are safe with us.

    What's more, after you verify your personal details, you can withdraw the money that you win on Fancricket11 directly to your bank account.