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What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an online fantasy game, in which a user makes a virtual cricket team of eleven players from an upcoming real-life match. Points are then scored depending on how the selected cricketers perform in the games happening. To win prize money or various leagues, the users must strive to earn maximum points and get the highest points in the leaderboard.

Success in a fantasy game is based on a deep and thorough study of the pitch conditions, weather updates, toss and the form of the players involved in the game. It also depends on the bowling and the batting order, as a small change in this can affect the points that you can earn. For example, if you pick an opener assuming that he will get the opportunity to bat out the full quota of overs in a T20, but he walks out to bat at number five, your scoring changes are adversely impacted.

Usually, all fantasy forums have a budget cap and the players need to be selected within the total credits that have been assigned. Cricketers from both sides need to be selected in the fantasy team, and some applications have a prerequisite demand when it comes to the type of players you can pick. For instance, there is always a minimum and a maximum cap on the number of cricketers you can select from the four departments - wicket-keepers, batters, all-rounders and bowlers. On Fancricket11, you can select a minimum of 1 wicket-keeper and a maximum of four keepers, minimum three batters with a maximum of six. You need to select at least one all-rounder, and the number can go up to four, while you need a minimum of three bowlers and a maximum of six. A maximum of seven players from one side can be picked.

The main aim is to ultimately outscore your friends or opponents, which not only helps you earn large sums of money but gives you bragging rights as well!

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  • Category : Fantasy Cricket
  • Requirements : Android, IOS
  • Multi player : Online

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